Two person that never separate from each other

I was searching for creative vocation as far back as I can remember. Music, drawing, dancing, graphic design, advertising, poetry, photography - I tried myself anywhere, but I couldn't get total satisfaction and harmony, it was endless search. The only right place I was sure I found for myself is family and my home.
My husband Oleg was working for a long time in business which isn't connected with art and creativity. It was ordinary stressful job - thing that thousands of people do day by day, year by year. The only place he felt happy was our family and home.

Our jewelry story began in 2011 when I started to study in Art Center of Baltic Jewelry Association here, in Riga. At first it was very hard for me to study there, it was really new world with hammers, saws, rolling mills, difficult tasks and totally depressed hands :)) But step by step I realized that it could be my hobby and occupation.

My husband joined me in study process in the end of 2012 and after that we had big changes - he left his job, although it was gainful occupation. Since that day we never separate from each other and it is a biggest happiness that could ever be.

We've got certificates of degree from Baltic Jewelry Association and even took part in exhibition in Silver City Museum in Latvia. In July 2013 we started to work in our own studio. We spend here a lot of time working, discussing, designing. We try to fill all our creations with love and harmony. It can't be otherwise, because it's our lifestyle, way of thinking.

We like experiments and try new techniques and styles - it is so exiting! So I can't name only one our favorite style, maybe we are searching for it, or maybe we will make different things forever. But quality, originality and traditional silversmith techniques are our essential principles. We love to be free from circumstances, stereotypes, trends and different opinions. We just do what we love and try to spread good emotions through what we do.

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